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Jl. Sandat, DesaCengiling, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan
The plan of the villas: HERE

Capacity: 2 villas, each accommodates a maximum of 6 people, surrounded by a tropical garden, divided by a fence and plants providing privacy. It is possible to connect the two gardens if required.
Equipment: 2 master bedrooms with a double bed and a single bed, each with en suite bathroom; storage space; shared living area and kitchen; complimentary water cooler; satellite TV with USB port; HiFi with USB port; a safe in each bedroom.
Swimming pool: each pool is 3x6 metres.
Air-conditioning: all bedrooms have air-conditioning.
Catering: a breakfast served in local style is included in the price of the villa. It is also possible to have food delivered from local restaurants or to hire a local chef, both at an extra charge. It is possible to buy cool drinks directly in the villa or have refreshing local non-alcoholic cocktails prepared. There is also a gas barbecue available.

  • a butler takes care of both of the villas. He prepares breakfasts, does the laundry and ironing and also sells and prepares drinks.
  • a local specialist is taking care of the swimming pools.
  • a driver and tour guide for trips around Bali. It is possible to hire your own vehicle or to hire the driver with car for a specific trip.
  • the manager Filip, who takes care of the villas as a whole, will ensure that your dream holiday in a tropical paradise will come true.
  • Internet: High speed WiFi in both villas and by the pool
    Families with children: Each villa is equipped with a high chair, baby car seat and foldable baby bed

    Bali is one of over 18,000 islands in Indonesia. It is the only Hindu province in one of the biggest Islamic countries. Population comprises of approximately 3.5 million Balinese inhabitants and over a million immigrants from all over the world.
    Bali is one of the most popular and most visited destinations in Indonesia. It is quite small in size: just under 150 km from one end of the island to the other. It is a volcanic island with incredibly fertile land, most of it made up of stepped fields, tropical jungle, palm groves and traditionally cultivated rice fields. There are a large number of ancient temples and gardens scattered all over the islands. You can also admire a number of both wild and domesticated animals.
    There are more than 400 km of magnificent sandy beaches on Bali, interspersed with cliff faces. Surfers are attracted by the big surge waves of the Indian Ocean hitting the coast in some places. The extremely rich marine life and excellent visibility are ideal for scuba diving. Last but not least of the attractions of Bali is the famous local cuisine.

    The weather is very stable and mostly sunny thorough the year on Bali. The period from April until half of December is a dry period on Bali, without rains. For the rest of the year there are often night showers, and short but intensive day showers. The air is fresh and pleasant. During the dry period the weather is warm and reasonably humid.
    Our villas are located in one of the most convenient places of the island: the southern peninsula Bukit, close the most beautiful beaches of Bali. The temperature in this location is between 30 and 32 degrees all year long, and the convenient geographic orientation provides a high number of sunny days across the year.

    Please follow this link for the current weather situation in Bali:

    You can also download an interesting app for your Android smart phone:

    Light cotton clothing and a cap or hat is considered ideal. If you plan inland trips, make sure to have a jumper for the evening. Overnight trips up the mountains in order to observe the sun rise often see temperatures of about 12 – 15 degrees. Never go on any trips without good quality walking shoes, a spare T-shirt and a raincoat. Restaurants require gentlemen to wear trousers, not shorts.

    The Bali cuisine has been influenced by many cultures, in particular Chinese, Indian and European (primarily Dutch). There are plenty of opportunities to taste the local food, ranging from local small bistros (warungas) to luxury restaurants. Very good are the so called padang restaurants, which display their dishes of the day, therefore it is easier to chose which one to try. We also offer the possibility to hire an excellent local chef.

    It is not compulsory to get vaccinations before travelling to Bali. For greater comfort some travellers choose to get vaccinations for typhoid, hepatitis A and sometimes rabies. However it is entirely up to you whether you choose to visit your local vaccination clinic, as there are no compulsory vaccinations for Indonesia. We recommend always consulting your doctor before travelling in order to prevent possible health complications.

    The local currency is the Indonesian Rupee (IDR), with the exchange rate averaging 12,500.00 IDR per USD.

    It is strictly forbidden to import or export guns, drugs, pornography and some food in Indonesia. The penalty for drug smuggling is the death penalty! Do avoid local “businessmen”, who might offer you drugs at the nightclubs, as they are quite often undercover police officers.
    It is possible to import tax free the following (per one adult): 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars or 100g of tobacco), 1 litre of alcohol and a small amount of perfume. The official directives require the immigration officers to check electronic devices. The amount of cash you can have on you is unlimited for import, but the amount of IDR for export is limited. If you travel with more than 5 million IDR in cash you must contact the local authorities.

    Bali is a left-driving country. The official speed limits are 40km/h in built-up areas and 70km/h outside built-up areas, however the limits are generally not being closely observed. However we recommend to adhere to the local traffic codes, as tourists are easy targets for the traffic police.
    Allow extra time for your journeys if you rent a car on your own, as it takes approximately an hour to travel 30 km. You must have an internationally valid driving licence on you at the car rental.
    We do suggest hiring a taxi or a car with a driver at least for the initial few days, until you get oriented in the road system and can adjust to the local driving styles. A driver will be also an invaluable source of information. A taxi might also be more cost effective than renting a car, as a short trip, e.g. to the next beach, will cost about 50,000.00 IDR, however renting a car averages (depending on location) 500,000.00 – 700,000.00 IDR per day.